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Turning your idea into reality has never been so easy.

With years of experience in electronics, Linpo has further expanded its capability with the recruitment of professional and talented designers into its ODM team. We offer an one-stop shop service for any of your industrial design needs.


Among the services that we provide include product design and proof of concept through visual rendering, structural analysis, and rapid prototyping via the use of 3D printing.

As soon as we receive your request of a new design , our product designers will work seamlessly with the engineering team, to make sure your design has met the requirements of both originality and practicability to be manufactured. 

Further, our graphics, user experience (UX), and e-commerce specialists will assist and provide sound ideas on marketing solutions specifically for your product.

Our previous projects include:


- Airtag
- Customised cabling products (USB/HDMI/Power/Audio)

- Magnetic powerbanks with wireless (Qi) charging 

- Magsafe - USB-C charger / MFi products

- Outdoor powerstations

- Retractable cabling case

- TWS Bluetooth earbuds (Qualcomm / Knowles Driver )

- Wireless charging dock

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